Qigong and TaiQi

According to Chinese medical philosophy, Qi is the energy or the life-force that circulates within our bodies and all around us in the air we breathe. Qigong and TaiQu are exercises used to build and harmonize this energy.

Unlock your full potential

These unique exercises use movement, meditation, and breath work to build Qi. With regular practice we increase respiratory and circulatory efficiency, leading to improved aerobic capacity and metabolic function. Immune, digestive, and endocrine systems are all optimized providing a radiant and peaceful energy for our daily activities.

There are different types of TaiQi and QiGong but most use slow movements that are paired with our breath and quiet focus. These exercises are both calming and empowering as they harmonize the Yin and the Yang. The practice is appropriate for all ages and can be enjoyed daily. Connect with your true potential.

Group and private lessons are available.